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Protect liquidity and token price from sniping bots to get the most out of your DEX listing

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Why Peanut Fair Launch

  • 1

    Create an antisniping bot to protect liquidity at listing

  • 2

    Prevent pump-n-dumps and have a healthy looking chart

  • 3

    Secure extra funds for product development

  • 4

    Ensure sustainable token holders growth

  • 5

    Get full control over token listing

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Peanut Fair Launch Clients:


Total liquidity protected:

Peanut Fair Launch Clients:

How This Works

Peanut will work closely with your team to develop an individual token listing strategy, which includes sniping bot protection, liquidity management and token distribution tactics.

How This Works

Don't let the BOTS ruin your listing

  • 1. BOTS make your chart look rekt.
  • 2. BOTS get control over large amount of your tokens and manipulate the price.
  • 3. BOTS create tension in your community leading to low trust and bad reputation.
Don't let BOTS ruin your listing