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Protect liquidity and token price from sniping bots and maximize financial outcomes

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What you get with Peanut Fair Launch

  • 1

    Shield your liquidity from sniping bots by creating your own sniping anti-bot

  • 2

    Prevent token price pump-n-dump shows

  • 3

    Secure extra funds for product development

  • 4

    Ensure sustainable growth of token holders

  • 5

    Get full control over your token listing

Get Control Over Listing

Peanut Fair Launch Clients:


Avg income made by Peanut Fair Launch Client

$500,000 +
Peanut Fair Launch Clients:

How This Works

Peanut team will work closely with your team to develop individual fair listing strategy, which includes sniping anti-bot creation, token distribution tactics and token price forecast model

How This Works

Don't let BOTS ruin your listing

  • 1. BOTS make your chart look like a pump-n-dump shitshow.
  • 2. BOTS steal profits which you could use for further development.
  • 3. BOTS spoil your project reputation which leads to lower future incomes.
Don't let BOTS ruin your listing