DEX token listing coming?

DEX token listing coming?

Protect initial liquidity from sniping bots to achieve the token launch success

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What you get with Fair Launch

  • Create antisniping bot to protect liquidity at listing
  • Smooth the price volatility to have a healthy-looking chart
  • Secure extra funds for product development
  • Ensure sustainable token holders growth
  • Get full control over token listing
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How This Works

We will work closely with token issuer to advise on developing a customised listing strategy, which includes:

  • sniping bot protection
  • liquidity management
  • token distribution strategy
  • Successful Fair Launches
  • Protected market cap as of launch
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Don't let the BOTS ruin your DEX listing

Don't let the BOTS ruin your DEX listing
  • Bots steal your liquidity
  • Bots get control over large amount of your tokens to manipulate the price
  • Bots hurt your reputation and create tension in the community
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