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Peanut helps crypto startups to protect DEX token launch from sniping bots and eliminate the impact of bad actors

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No bots - no problems

Don't let the BOTS ruin your DEX listing
  • Bots steal your liquidity
  • Bots get control over large amount tokens and manipulate the price
  • Bots create tension in your community leading to low trust and bad reputation
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Why Peanut Fair Launch

  • DEX liquidity protection
  • Additional incentives for your community
  • Full control over token listing

How This Works

We will work closely with token issuer to advise on developing a customised listing strategy, which includes:

  • sniping bot protection
  • liquidity management
  • token distribution strategy
  • Successful Fair Launches
  • Protected market cap as of launch
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We offer two options of sniping bot protection

Whitehat sniping bot

  • Does not require any modifications to you token smart contract
  • Transactions go directly to the validators and are invisible for bad bots
  • You only pay us after a successful launch
  • Best choice for projects who already have token deployed on the mainnet

Smart contract level protection

  • Create various token management strategies after the launch
  • Freeze tokens purchased by suspicious wallets
  • Does not add weight to your smart contract (so txs prices are nearly the same)
  • Excellent for projects, who have not deployed their token smart contract
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