Unique DeFi tools and services to maximize profits, reduce risks and protect from DEX bots🥜

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Maximize profits
Reduce impermanent loss
Increase passive income
Protect from bots

Provide liquidity with more profit

  • Make market volatility work for LPs

    While each DEX trade places the pooled assets prices briefly out of sync with those on CEXs and other DEXs, savvy traders rush to profit from these price discrepancies.

    Peanut protects LPs from impermanent loss by dampening the price movement from large DEX trades with the corresponding asset on CEX.
  • Automate profit increase

    We’ve created a set of smart contracts that automatically balance prices after each trade with no manual effort at all.
    Simply see your passive income grow.
  • Get incentivised with Peanut tokens

    Put additional liquidity into a new or existing pool on Uniswap or Curve and get rewarded with NUX tokens.
    10% of all earned crypto will be used for a NUX buyback on a monthly basis.

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Peanut is still growing. We will notify you once it’s ready.

How Peanut price balancer increases LP income

Smart asset division

Peanut divides assets into two parts.

90% is used for providing liquidity on Uniswap or another DEX.

10% goes to an agent to be used for automatic price balancing between DEXs and CEXs.

Advanced multi-level support

The Peanut hybrid system monitors trading operations on major DEX and CEX platforms. This allows our set of smart contracts to balance prices after each trade among Uniswap, other DEXs, and CEXs.

Instant balancing

When large trades are placed on Uniswap, the Peanut pool automatically makes a corresponding trade on CEX or other DEXs.

Since the Peanut pool is already connected to these platforms, orders are executed super fast.

Revenue sharing

Earn from arbitrage operations with your liquidity on top of LP commission.
Michael Egorov
The presence of slippage is a huge inconvenience, and can sometimes carry significant risks for DEXs. Peanut provides a great solution to this problem. By using only 10% of user funds in a centralized manner (cross-exchange arbitrage), Peanut manages to achieve significantly higher efficiency of the mechanics and returns for users.

Peanut is still growing.
We will notify you once it’s ready.